Website Audit & Rank Recovery

Our client’s companies grow and mature with us..

Website Audit Report

The best approach to providing SEO for our clients is to conduct a Website Audit at the start of the process. This will enable us to conduct thorough market research as well as an analysis of keywords, rankings and competition. Further, it will ensure we can carry out a systematic analysis of the web design, web structure, backlinks, and content, followed by optimization guidelines.

We, here at “INTERNET CONSULTANT” have an excellent reputation and we believe that introducing the Website Audit before engaging in SEO is going to extend that good standing to you in the online marketing world. We are professionals and so we highly recommend our clients’ websites to go through our Website Audit Reports for proper analysis, troubleshooting, consultation and recommendation.This is both our opportunities to really get to know our clients’ campaign needs and goals as you consult with them on keywords and content along the auditing process as well as impart guidelines to them provided by us for an optimized SEO implementation.

webaudit and recovery

  • Well-defined Target Keywords
  • Overview and Awareness of Ranking, Backlinks and Competition
  • Optimal Web Design and Structure
  • Content Optimization Guidelines
  • Starting off with the Right Foot for a Strategic SEO

Content Creation

Provide compelling content that will drive an engaged audience, leads and customers for our clients with our Content Creation services.
Content is king! We understand that creating high-end content can sometimes be the crucial element to a successful online marketing, but at the same time can be the most challenging to implement. And so we offer you services to help produce content to ramp up our client’s online marketing efforts.

  • Attract, inform, engage, nurture and guide your targets into your sales funnel
  • Social media engagement and shares
  • Traffic and repeat-traffic
  • Lead generation (and sales)

Online Reputation Management -ORM

Do you Google yourself or your company and don’t like what you see?
When someone searches for their own name, or company in search engines, and sees negative posts, negative forum comments, negative articles, or a full blown hate site on top of  search results, it can do a lot of damage to one’s reputation, it can result in a loss of prospects and customers, and it may lose you a lot of money.
If  client is experiencing this, contact us and help will be on its way.

We have extensive experience in restoring reputations online using various tactics to push down negative content in search engine results and replace it with positive ones.

  • Improved or restored reputation
  • Weaken if not eliminate negative image
  • Improve credibility and trust